About us

Calvary Episcopal Church is a parish with deep roots in its hometown. In 2015 we celebrated 150 years of ongoing Episcopal worship and our church building is the oldest in Santa Cruz County still being used for its original purpose. God has blessed us with a dedicated laity, a strong music program and the gift of being located in a busy downtown area.

Our Priest-in-Charge, the Rev. Dr. Austin Leininger

Our Parish Family

Calvary’s parishioners come from all walks of life and all economic classes. By and large, we are educated people of a variety of ages, backgrounds, politics and philosophies who take an active interest in each other, the church, and the community at large.

Members of the congregation are encouraged to participate in the governance and ministries of the church. A strong committee structure helps to accomplish this. Each committee has a vestry liaison and invites participation from the parish. Regular meetings are publicized in the weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter. Progress and programs are reported at monthly vestry meetings.

Calvary, the Downtown Church

Calvary Episcopal Church, known affectionately in the Santa Cruz community as “The Little Red Church”, is located in downtown Santa Cruz, near theaters, office buildings, restaurants, and stores. Downtown is a thriving business district and a popular gathering place for much of the community. Farmers’ markets and outdoor antique fairs take place regularly in streets and parking lots near the church.