offering-plateUshers distribute bulletins and assist parishioners prior to and during the service, perform the collection and assist the clergy during the Eucharist.


Contact: Richard Enriquez

Usher Schedule Q1 2012

Happy New Year!! I look forward to working with all of you this upcoming year. Here's the schedule for Q1, 2012. I understand that life happens and there will be scheduling conflicts. Please reach out to your fellow ushers if you are unable to cover your week, and as usual, I am more than willing to cover as long as I am not already scheduled for Ushering or LEM.
Richard Enriquez
01/08- Mark, Patrick
01/15- Jane, Peter
01/22- Josh, Bill
01/29- Al, Richard
02/05- John W., Peter
02/12- Mark, Josh
02/19- Al, John W.
02/26- Jane, Patrick
03/04 - Josh, Bill
03/11- Mark, Richard
03/18- Bill, Al
03/25- Peter, John W.
Ushers: Patrick Dexter, Mark Duncan, Richard Enriquez, Peter Hanson, Jane Prough, Al Reetz, Joshua Reinke, Bill Walker, John Wesolowski.

Q4 Usher Schedule

Here's the schedule for Q4, 2011. We have been asked to document Sunday service attendance a little differently from now on. Fr: Joel has provided us with a counter to make our job of keeping track of the attendance a bit easier. In the desk drawer, in the Narthex, you will find the counter along with a form for writing in the attendance. Please be careful to count everyone; including clergy, choir, LEM, organist and of course the congregation. It also includes anyone who comes and leaves early or arrives late. We must also include those in day care who participate in communion. Please count everyone and document it on the form provided. At the end of service, deposit the form into the mail slot at the rector's office, not in the safe with the offering. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your amazing service.


Richard Enriquez


10/02- Al, Josh

10/09- Jane, Peter
10/16- Richard, Bill
10/23- Jane, Patrick
10/30- John W., Richard
11/06- Al, Peter
11/13- Mark, John W.
11/20- Jane, Patrick
11/27 - Josh, Bill
12/04- Mark, Richard
12/11- Bill, Al
12/18- Peter, John W.
12/24- Josh, Jane (Christmas Eve Service)
12/25- Richard, Patrick F.


Ushers: Patrick Dexter, Mark Duncan, Richard Enriquez, Andy Gere, Peter Hanson, Jane Prough, Al Reetz, Joshua Reinke, Bill Walker, John Wesolowski.

Usher Duties and Guidelines

Before the service begins

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the service is scheduled to begin.
  • Drape the rope over the last two pews on each side of the aisle, reserving them for the choir's recessional hymn.
  • Be sure there are bulletins, hymnals, and BCPs on the cushions of the first pew behind the side doors. This is the handicap access.
  • Position yourself at the closed doors from the narthex to the church.
  • Welcome people as they enter and give them a service bulletin.
  • Offer assistance to their seat if it appears to be needed.
  • Hook the doors open just before the Processional.
  • Close the doors following the Processional.  Be sure there are bulletins on the table, taking some to your seat for late arrivals.
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